Monday, February 21, 2011


And thanks for visiting. Just a few words from me: all of these paintings are oil on stretched canvas and are under 30" These paintings are done on-site, in however many visits it takes for me to feel that I want to stop working on that painting. They are mostly organized by year beginning in 2008 and the latest are from this winter. Feel free to contact me with any questions:
Also, these are not professional images, except for the 2008 pictures which were taken by Max Yawney. All 2009 -2011 images are taken by me and I trust they are adequate representations.

Thanks, Paul

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  1. I've visited four times, , ,
    the paintings look good on this site -
    - I really like these paintings
    --just saw a george bellows at a gallery and thought of your work,,,


  2. thanks joel, i don't how to work this thing so much, well i just noticed your comment from march and it's the middle of may...... i try and update frequently and sometimes the first page is a mish-mash with works in progress that i put-up and then take down to work on some more. anyway, thanks for commenting!